Marriage Encounter

Man and Woman Becoming One

Is that possible?Man and Woman Becoming One

Is your marriage all it can be?
Do you believe there is more for you in marriage?
Are you ready for a change?
You can have “abundance of life” in your marriage!
God has a miracle for you!

Our Goals

  • We want to challenge you to think differently about your marriage and relationships.
  • We want to get a better under-standing of the reasons marriages don’t succeed any better than they do.
  • We want to take the fruit of our relationship and inspect it, to see the root of misunderstandings in our relationship.

Becoming One with Our Mate

Why don’t we become one with our mate? What does that mean? Did God mean that or was He trying to conceal something? What does it take to have a “God-centered” marriage? These seem to be the real questions we should be asking ourselves, but instead we find that most couples are making statements like these:

  • I just don’t understand him/her
  • I think I made a mistake when I married my mate.
  • I don’t even like my mate anymore.
  • He doesn’t give me any attention/All she wants to do is talk.
  • There has been too much hurt to change now…
  • All he wants is sex!/She’s too cold about sex!
  • She/He loves the children more than me.
  • We seem to be drifting apart.

Good News for Marriages!Becoming One with Our Mate

After years of involvement in a pastoral counseling ministry and confronting the issues that face our families today, Frank and Gayle have compiled a seminar that uses a different approach to questions dealing with marriage. They believe that most couples have no idea what the “root” (real) problems are in their relationships. Using years of experience in marriage counseling and a unique approach, they share insight from God’s Word to reveal what makes a successful marriage. Many marriages have been transformed and renewed through these principles, and many good marriages have been made even better!

About the Instructors

In August of 1989, Frank and Gayle moved to Foley, Alabama to pastor Victory Life Church, a non-denominational Full-Gospel church. They have been called to the body of Christ as prophetic counselors and teachers and have a burden to see marriages enriched and restored to God’s original plan. Their desire is to prevent the enemy from stealing relationships. They know that absolutely nothing is impossible with God, when His principles are applied to marriage!!! They travel when possible to conduct various seminars which include: Marriage Seminars, Inner Healing and Deliverance Seminars, Prophetic Conferences, Family Conferences, Singles’ Seminars and Couples’ Retreats.

More Information

If you are interested in attending the marriage seminar complete the form and we will contact you to remind you before the next seminar date. There is NO OBLIGATION of any kind. Your information will be confidential and never shared.

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